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Brunswick - BVP - Goliath

Brunswick - Goliath

BVP- Brunswick Value Performance

Advanced Particle Technology and a new core system have resulted in the Goliath, the hgihest hook potential ball in the Brunswick's history. Burnswick's Hook Potential Scale, formerly 10-150, has been expanded to 10-175 to accommodate the 160 hook potential rating of the Goliath.

Medium RG: Goliath's new inverted bell core system is a medium RG design that is a perfect match to the Goliath high traction coverstock. High traction coverstocks can roll too early when combined with lower RG cores. The Goliath core helps create mid-lane recovery and a strong arcing backend reaction.

Medium RG Differential:With an RG differential of 0.044 the Goliath inverted Bell Core System will provide plenty of track flare for most bowlers without encountering the problems associated the problems associated with over-flaring.

New Particle Coverstock: Goliath's High-Load Particle coverstock is the result of e


CoverstockParticle Solid
Factory finish400 grit sanded
Weights10 thru 16lbs
Lane ConditionsMedium-Heavy Oil
Cleared USBC06/04


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Author Rating Review
2007-11-01 09:11:34.84
Great Surface - Mild changes BIG Gains
Likes: .A strong ball in soup and a good economical addition to any bag if that's what you're going to use it for. Holds a strong consistent line. It's successor the Mammoth has less bite on the lane and may be a better choice for more conditions.
Dislikes: Requires some speed as the lanes dry - but that's an age problem as my top is 17mph these days.
2007-06-30 12:57:04.233
Not a bad ball
Likes: Was the only ball able to hook in the entire Provincial Tournament.
Dislikes: On drier lanes ball will take off. Had to adjust my son after coming home to dry/medium lanes. He played well though coming across alley to the 10 board. KNOW YOUR ADJUSTMENTS!! Dull Particle coverstock is a pain to keep clean
2006-03-07 20:53:41.28
Good ball if your looking for a few more boards
Likes: Good ball if your a stroker looking to become a tweener or a tweener looking to become more of a cranker.
Dislikes: Ball is inconsistant at breakpoint and loses a lot of energy on the lane so it doesn't hit the pocket very well. A lot of single pin leaves.
2006-01-15 20:21:21.263
Likes: this ball was my first purchase once i got into bowling seriously..and i must say i am happy..i play right down the 10 board and it carries nice on oily conditions and slams into the pins..especially in oily conditions.
Dislikes: me not hitting my mark like i'm supposed too!
2005-03-31 18:55:08.39
Good Ball
Likes: Excellent Control.
Dislikes: Excess oil or too dry, switch balls.